Aeolian Antipasto Mix
300 gr
Sapori Eoliani
Grape tomato sauce
330 gr
Caciocavallo Barricato Cheese
400 gr circa
Ma’kaira spelt and barley linguini
1 kg
Extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo
750 ml
Raspberry Jam
230 gr
Liama 2014 red wine
750 ml

Origins - Vegetarian


Box Collection, Capsule Box


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Open the Tasting Box Origins and go with us on a journey from Trentino Alto Adige all the way down to Sicily, and discover some of our most authentic flavours. The whirlwind of perfumes of the Aeolian Antipasto will make you dream of the lush island of Salina. Gregorio Rotolo's Caciocavallo Barricato has a pleasant and intense hint of wine, thanks to the long aging in oak barrels. The sweet and delicate grape tomato sauce of Giovanni Parisi owns its unique taste to its main ingredient, the Sicilian sun. The sauce combines perfectly with the rustic taste of the Ma'Kaira pasta, made at the foothills of the Majella Park in Abruzzo. This land is also the place where Giacomo Santoleri's olive trees are rooted: the Leccino, Gentile di Chieti and Intosso cultivars give a fruity scent and slightly spicy and bitter taste to his extra virgin olive oil. Indulge in Tullio's creamy raspberry jam, filled to the brim with this precious fruit which grows in the heart of Trentino. And finally, toast with a glass of Liàma, a completely natural red wine made by Vigna Meridio. The fruity touch of the Frappato grape embraces the energy of the Alicante and the full-bodied structure of the Nero d'Avola grape, resulting in a sunny and fresh red wine that pairs well even with fish. Each of these products will tell you a story of its Origins, of its land and its artisans, of the hands and the dedication that produced it.