Colorado chili pepper in extra virgin olive oil
106 ml
Lu Cavalire
Habanero Golden chili pepper in extra virgin olive oil
106 ml
Lu Cavalire
Naga Morich chili pepper in extra virgin olive oil
106 ml
Lu Cavalire
Tomato sauce
500 ml
Az. Agr. Pierluigi Zampaglione
Grape tomato confit
300 gr
Semi-dry grape tomatoes
180 gr
Bell pepper and tomato sauce
190 gr
La Sbecciatrice



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Penne all’arrabbiata is an authentic Italian recipe, a true and untouched classic. “Arrabbiata” literally means “angry”, as it refers to the spiciness of the chili peppers — because at dinner time, Italians like it hot! In this box you will find four different types of tomato preparations from all over Italy and three heirloom varieties of chili peppers, each one going up on the scale of pungency.

The tomato sauce from Irpinia is absolutely unique, as the Zampaglione family (producer of Don Chisciotte wine) limits their production to a mere 1000 jars a year! A little down south, Giovanni Parisi uses two secret ingredients to cultivate his grape tomatoes: the sun and Sicily. These tiny datterini are skillfully dried to obtain the sweetest semi-dried tomatoes. 

From Liguria we brought you the grape tomato confit from Marco Ferrari, made with lots of patience and ancient knowhow. Sun-dried for five hours, they taste smooth and juicy, just like the Italian summer. 

A little different yet equally unique is the bell pepper and tomato sauce by Mimmo and Lino, two brothers from Naples whose passion for growing wonderful vegetables translates into extraordinary products. Talking about more spicy things… Paolo Rossi from Lu Cavalire, as a tribute to his origins in Abruzzo, defined five levels of heat intensity in his local dialect: coce poche, coce, coce assi, ‘ngul se coce, porte li fiamme. His dream is to create a culture around chili peppers, researching and cultivating every single chili pepper variety coming from each and every corner of the world. He currently cultivates more than 20 varieties, each one with often unexpected aromas and flavors. We’ve included three kinds of chili pepper with different heat levels... are you ready for an extraordinary "hot dinner"?