Wholegrain Ditaloni from Russulidda wheat
500 gr
Wholegrain Pappardelle from Russulidda wheat
500 gr
Semi-wholegrain Spaghetti from Saragolla durum wheat
500 gr
Semi-wholegrain Paccheri from Saragolla durum wheat
500 gr
Coarse Ma’kaira spelt and barley linguine
1 kg
Terreamano natural Carnaroli rice
750 gr

The Pasta Collection


Box Collection, Capsule Box


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Pasta, the essence of Italian cuisine. Uncountable shapes, flavors and textures can be made from the mere combination of water and grains. The most simple foods are often the richest in diversity. The Pasta Collection contains a variety of pasta made from different ancient grains

The ditaloni and pappardelle are made by the hands of Nicola De Gregorio, a Sicilian farmer who researches and grows various ancient grains on his farm “Fastuchera”. So he discovered the Russulidda grain, a variety with a long history, dating back as far as three centuries. Rustic in flavor, his pasta is so unique it can’t be explained by words - you simply must try it. 

The spaghetti and paccheri are made by Bruno and Sabatino, two friends who wanted to change the way pasta is made. Both amber in color and with an intense flavor, the Saragolla durum wheat, an ancient variety from the Khorasan wheat family, low gluten and highly nutritious, is a pure and ancient grain that makes their pasta so special. 

The Ma’kaira linguine from Giacomo Santoleri are made from a blend of spelt and Mondo barley, two native varieties from the region of Abruzzo. They are extremely flavorful with a coarse bite and a perfume of dry hay, delicious when turned into a cacio e pepe or with a splash of Genovese pesto. 

You might have spotted the rice, and wondered why it’s included in a box called “The Pasta Collection”. The Terreamano is the first natural Carnaroli rice, cultivated according to the traditional methods and thus completely by hand. It’s characterized by large grains and high quantities of starch, which are slowly released during long cooking processes, making it the perfect rice to create a deliciously creamy risotto. 

One last recommendation for this Collection: keep it al dente !